Best Web Hosting Providers

A web hosting should be wisely chosen, in market there’s hundreds of web hosting companies who claim to be the best web hosting providers, but in reality – it sucks, too many down time, no guarantee of safety, and can take your site totally ripped off as it catches some good real time.

Best Web Hosting Company

Way too much dangerous for an online business to have such hosting. Yes, there’s several cheap web hosting company and providers however when it comes  to online business you should only choose the top and best hosting service provider for the best performance.

There’s insane number of hosting service providers out there, but in this I’d be sharing with you some of the top providers for best hosting that has been self-tested, and is satisfied using. So when you click on the link given to buy the web hosting you can fully be ensured that your investment for web hosting won’t go wrong.

Top Web Hosting Providers of 2019:

Following are the aspects on the basis of which we have formulated this list of best web hosting companies. Ensure the web hosting company you are about to choose to handle your website meets all the requirements needed such as:

  • Easy and fast accessibility
  • Technical specifications of servers
  • Security and Backup
  • Customer support
  • Compatibility
  • Uptime

Here’s the top 5 web hosting providers:

HostGator : #1 Best Web Hosting Company

Best Web Hosting Services Hostgator

Web Hosting Providers

HostGator is one the largest web hosting company in the world hosting over 8 million domains for every sort of website, providing the best all the above given specifications and features.

HostGator features a staggering 99.9% up-time, unmetered bandwidth, flexible and easy to use cPanel control panel, Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts with no contract and 45 day money back guarantee, 24/7/365 premium customer support with live chat and automatic weekly off-site data backups and much more. All these features give Hostgator an edge over any other web hosting company making it #1  best web hosting company.

DreamHost : Best Web Hosting Site

Best Web Hosting Services DreamHost

Web Hosting Providers

DreamHost was founded in 1996 and is now owned by New Dream Network, Los Angeles. DreamHost hosts 82% of it’s clients operating from United States, making it the most preferred and best web hosting company in U.S.

With over 40000 satisfied customers and 1.5 million operational websites, DreamHost is one of 10 world’s largest web hosting companies. DreamHost and Digital Ocean share a lot in common in terms of features. Hosting plans on DreamHost start at $5.95/mo.

Bluehost : Best Hosting Service 2019

Best Web Hosting Services bluehost

Web Hosting Providers

BlueHost is one of the most successful web hosting company hosting over 1.9 million domains. BlueHost features some exclusive services like CPU throttling where the server freezes the client sites’ CPU usage if it is using a great load servers’ processing efficiency for several hours a day and cloud sites.

Users can transfer unlimited data files, use it’s free site builder and templates and can request their invested capital back with it’s anytime money back’ guarantee. Web hosting plans at BlueHost start at $ 3.95 a month which is a great deal at this price.

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Godaddy : Best Website Hosting Provider

Best Web Hosting Services Godaddy

Web Hosting Providers

Godaddy is the best option to start a small online business. Web hosting plans through affiliate links on Godaddy can get you web hosting for your website for as low as a dollar a month!

There is no better option than Godaddy if you are expecting not much traffic and lesser space than that provided on other web hosting companies on the list. cPanel makes customization easy and is very well organised. There are downsides like frustrating support staff and offered technical specifications. Uptime is value for the dollar well spent!


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WPEngine : Top Hosting Provider

Best Web Hosting Services WpEngine

Web Hosting Providers

WP Engine features the simplest interface among all. Speed thrills everyone and speed and bandwidth are what make WP Engine so responsive, you will notice a difference in speed of operations as soon as you run it with your desktop, it is much more fast and reliable than any other web hosting company featured in the list.

Website loads faster, pictures and files download in no time. Tasks are smooth, increase speed makes the user experience way better. WP Engine’s security features ensure 100% protection against any type of foreign malware or spam. Daily backups ensure safety and security of your precious data.

Customer support is fairly nice with 1-2 hours max. response time with an additional live chat feature. The price of the web hosting plans on WP Engine is slightly higher than it’s competitions but you get the value for your buck.

Conclusion :

S0, that’s all regarded on the insights for the top website hosting provider in india, and globally. Ideally I prefer Hostgator as best hosting provider, while Bluehost has got amazing live support, meanwhile WPEngine is solid on it’s feature. Every web hosting has been self-tested and has got really amazing experience.

So all would I tell is to choose it wisely, since a good hosting provider can bring great growth to your company/blog/site.

Best Web Hosting Providers
Web Hosting Providers

A web hosting should be wisely chosen, in market there's hundreds of web hosting companies who claim to be the best web hosting providers, but in reality –

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